How to Fix a Subwoofer

I will give you some tips for repairing a subwoofer and also look at some wireless models.

A subwoofer can actually break quite easily even though it might be designed fairly well. The reason is that the software has to hand the a lot more power than regular speakers. That means that it is quite easy for subwoofer to get overloaded. Also, the sound pressure level which is radiated by subwoofer is quite a bit larger than the sound pressure level which is sent out by the satellite speakers.

As a result of the design of the subwoofer, there are several things that typically go wrong. If the sound pressure level is too large, the enclosure of the subwoofer can actually get damaged. The easiest way to solve this issue is to examine exactly where the enclosure has been damaged and then glue the individual pieces back together. I would also recommend to drill a small hole and attach a screw just fastened the connection. You can then apply in you finish of the enclosure to hide the fix.

If you are using a wireless subwoofer then another common …

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How to Reduce the Amount of Speaker Cable Clutter in Your Home

Speaker cables tend to clutter up a room fairly quickly when you set up a home theater system. Just think about it: in total you will have to set up at least five speakers plus a subwoofer. However, more advanced surround sound systems work with as many as eight separate speakers. Each speaker is sitting in different spots in your room. Therefore, the amount of cable clutter can be tremendous. I will offer some advice for reducing the amount of speaker wires which hopefully will make your room more attractive.

Speakers by nature have to be connected to a voltage which is driving the diaphragm of the transducers. In most cases, the signal is being conducted by using speaker wire. Speaker wire has to be selected properly to allow current flow. The gauge of the speaker wire will influence its resistance. The thicker speaker wire the more you can drive speakers. However, the wire can be unsightly.

Therefore, wireless speakers have taken off in terms of sales lately. Not only can these be set up in different rooms all over your home but also they work well for home …

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How to Assess the Quality of a Computer Soundcard

When you purchase a new computer, it may have sound integrated. Especially laptop computers do have sound capability integrated onto the main board. However, the sound quality of these integrated audio adapters is quite basic and usually will give you a compromise between cost and quality. In order to decide whether to purchase a dedicated soundcard, you should do some tests. However, keep in mind that laptop computers don’t have enough space in order to insert a separate soundcard. The only option you will have want to add another soundcard onto a laptop external soundcard which connects via use be port. However, an external soundcard will have certain problems. In particular, the use be port only supplies a single voltage which is 5 V. High-quality audio converters sometimes require a higher supply voltage.

However, if you own a desktop computer then you might have enough space to insert a soundcard. Before you do so, open up the enclosure and investigate what type ports are available. Many main boards will have empty PCI what many PCI slots. You will need to make sure what kind of slot you can use …

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